TrustFord will pay a real living wage – Benefits

The TrustFord car dealership will pay its staff the real living wage from April 1.

The company, which is headquartered in Colchester and employs more than 3,000 people across the UK, has pledged to pay the voluntary rate to all non-apprentices.

Run by the Living Wage Foundation, the actual living wage is currently set at £9.90 an hour outside London and £11.05 in the capital.

This is higher than the government’s legally binding value national living wage £8.91 for people aged 23 and over.

TrustFord joins nearly 10,000 companies that have pledged to pay the voluntary rate to help their staff with the cost of living. Household names such as Aviva, Burberry and Lush are among those accredited by the foundation.

The car dealership also announced plans to “significantly” raise base salaries for staff working in sales and aftersales roles.

Major changes will also come into effect to reduce working hours, the company said, while more employees will be transferred to five-day-a-week contracts to help work-life balance.

TrustFord also recently introduced flexible working hours for all vacancies, as well as a hybrid working policy for some jobs, with colleagues now able to choose to work from home on certain days as long as they come in at least two days a week. At work. .

TrustFord’s human resources director, Sharon Ashcroft, said paying the real living wage was “the right thing to do for our people”.

“We believe in paying meaningful salaries to all of our colleagues and having a positive impact on their lives,” she added.

“Investing in our people and offering flexible working hours and a hybrid work policy means we can help our colleagues establish a positive work-life balance, ensuring we attract and retain the best and most talented people. motivated.

“We also hope it will attract more women into the automotive industry, which is very close to my heart.”

Michael A. Bynum