Mr. Ocalan’s defense committee documents 13 Turkish occupation violations against him – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Following an international conspiracy involving several major countries, leader Ocalan was kidnapped in 1999, and he is deprived of his most basic rights in prison, and to meet his lawyers and family, in a move that intensifies the isolation imposed on him.

Mr. Abdullah Ocalan’s Defense Committee in northeastern Syria issued a statement, a copy of which we have received, documenting 13 violations committed against him by the Turkish authorities.

The statement reads as follows:

The Turkish State’s Violations of Chief Ocalan’s Inherent Personal Rights in the Notorious Imrali Prison.

1. The negative correlation between the judiciary and the administration of prisons in Turkey. Continuity of the exercise of absolute power.

2. Lack of humane practices and respect for true human dignity.

3. Conceal detailed information about the place of imprisonment from the defense team.

4. Lack of information in the possession of the Ocalan Leader about his rights with a detailed description and how to exercise them.

5. Denial of fundamental rights to communicate with the outside world; especially with his family and lawyers all the time, not just for a few days.

6. Lack of access to the assistance of his lawyers, in any way, for the purpose of consultation and advice, under the pretext of maintaining order.

7. Absence of visitation rights, in particular of his family; in person or by correspondence.

8. Absence of any possibility of carrying out a medical examination within a short time, which leads to the absence of medical care and treatment. Besides wasting all his demands and requests for lawyers.

9. Denial of Informational and Educational Resources and Media Materials.

10. Absence of regular inspection process of the place of arrest carried out by qualified entities independent of the visual authority which claims the administration of the place of arrest of Chief Ocalan.

11. Absence of rights enabling him to present a request or a complaint concerning a treatment; in particular the practice of torture and other harsh, inhuman and insulting practices.

12. The practice of torture on the basis of race, language, ethnic identity and political opinions.

13. Maintenance of solitary confinement.

The Syrian Freedom Initiative of leader Abdullah Ocalan

The Committee for the Defense of the Leader’s Freedom in Northern and Eastern Syria


Michael A. Bynum